National Customer Service Week

    In 1984 the International Customer Service Association (ICSA), which since merged with PACE, created and launched National Customer Service Week™.  In 1991, the Executive Board of the ICSA, working with members of the Commerce Committee of the United States Congress, drafted and passed Senate Resolution 166 designating the first week of October as Customer Service Week.   On October 8, 1992, President George H. W. Bush signed Presidential Proclamation 6485 establishing the first week of October as National Customer Service Week™.

     During National Customer Service Week, many companies across the United States celebrate the week with fun and creative celebrations with their staff. The National Customer Service committee comes up with a theme each year and parties are held along with recognition for the hard work the teams put in all year long.

    2014 National Customer Service Week

    October 6th - 10th
    Celebrating Customer Connections
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    This year, PACE will utilize National Customer Service Week to Celebrate Customer Connections.  The highlight of the week will be the announcement of the inaugural winners of the PACE Customer Experience Excellence Award Winners! 


    This is the inaugural year of The National Customer Service Week PACE CXE Awards designed to recognize the best and the brightest in the customer engagement industry.

    Winners of 2014 PACE CXE Awards

    PACE/NobelBiz Community Impact Award
    Sponsored by Nobelbiz
    Provided to an organization that strives gives back to its clients, its employees, and the community.

    Sam Falletta and Incept


    CXE Award for Representative of the Year
    Sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank
    This award focuses on a single Customer Service Professional who will be recognized as the Best of the Best in the Customer Experience Industry.

    Joanne Kahl, American Water Resources


    CXE Award for Corporate Customer Commitment
    Sponsored by Esker
    This award is given to individual Companies who demonstrate exceptional experiences for their customers, employees and community.

    Ace Hardware

    United Nearshore Operations

    Wells Fargo Bank

    “It is a great honor, and a testament to the efforts of my entire team, to receive the inaugural Customer Experience Excellence Award for Corporate Customer Commitment from PACE.  It affirms our constant dedication and commitment to delivering unparalleled support to our customers who are some of the nation’s biggest corporations, top universities and colleges, local, city and state governments, and other large organizations. I thank the Nominating Committee for selecting Wells Fargo Treasury Management Client Delivery. I couldn’t be more proud. We appreciate all the work PACE does to support excellence in the industry, keeping Customer Service front and center.” - George Larribas, Wells Fargo


    CXE Award for Customer Service Representatives
    Sponsored by Impact Learning
    This award is given to individuals who consistently create exceptional experiences for their customers.

    Carrie Boner, American Water Resources

    Babatunde Adegbindin, Lotus Capital Limited

    Brian Crosby, 3M

    Alan Provinzino, 3M

    Donna Evans, 3M

    Adam Morris, Humana


    CXE Award for Innovation
    This award focuses on a product, service, or company that provides products, services, and/or solutions that greatly enhances and improves the customer experience.

    For Social Media...

    “We are thrilled to be recognized for our innovative social customer service solutions, and proud to be offering customers the ability to effectively manage overwhelming social channels. At Five9, we recognize the importance of each and every customer interaction, and strive to offer the tools needed for companies to interact seamlessly with their customers in new ways.” Lance Fried, Senior Vice President Social and Mobile Applications, Five9

    For Mobile App...
    Safelite AutoGlass

    “We are honored to be recognized by the Professional Association for Customer Engagement for the CXE Award for Innovation. As we strive to deliver a superior customer experience in the vehicle glass repair and replacement industry, technology such as our mobile technician app plays a large role in why we offer a better service.” - Tom Feeney, President & CEO, Safelite AutoGlass

    For Workforce Optimization...

    For IVR/Speech Analytics...
    IVR Technology Group

    “WOW – thank you!  IVR Technology Group is very excited to have received this recognition for our work in providing innovative technology applications, with a human touch! A major part of our focus as a company has been to develop professional communication tools that allow users to interact via their preferred method, whether it's voice, text or even email messaging. This approach benefits our customers by enabling them to reach their customers more effectively. We'd like to thank PACE for the honor and for recognizing our work in what we consider to be a very important use of technology in support of excellence in customer support." - John Crouthamel, IVR Technology

    For Sales Order Automation...
    Esker, Inc.

    “We are honored that PACE recognized all of the time, investment and ingenuity Esker has placed in our Order Processing automation solution in order to make it a truly unique offering in our industry. How organizations receive, process, manage and archive their orders has increasingly become a critical driver of value — not only for Customer Service but companywide. Receiving the PACE CXE Award for Innovation for Sales Order Automation is a testament to how well our solution is resonating and performing for organizations looking to achieve order processing excellence.” - Steve Smith, US Chief Operating Officer, Esker, Inc.

    For Quality...


    CXE Award for Supervisor/Manager
    This award is given to individuals who consistently create exceptional experiences for their employees.

    Melanie Coffey, Humana

    "I have been with Humana Government Business for eight years. This company has supported me as an employee in every way. I am able to do an awesome job because of that support. I love the job that I have and it is both an honor and a privilege to be recognized with such an award. I work with an amazing group of people. Thank you PACE for giving us an opportunity to tell our story!!!"  - Melanie Coffey, Humana

    Stacey Falconer, Wells Fargo

    “I was thrilled and honored when I heard that I had won the PACE CXE Award for Best Supervisor/Manager. I have always had a passion for the customer experience and at Wells Fargo, everything we do—from product delivery to process to training and communications—is with the customer and team members in mind. It’s part of our culture and reinforced in our Vision and Values every day. Being recognized by PACE with this award means that passion is shared and valued which is a wonderful feeling.” - Stacey Falconer, Wells Fargo

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    Thank you 2014 NCSW Sponsors
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    2013 National Customer Service Week

    United through Service.jpg

    October 2, 2013
    16 Customer Service Week Ideas to Pull Your Celebration Together
    by Michele McGovern 

    The customer experience, and everyone involved in making it happen, are all about to get their due. Are you ready to celebrate National Customer Service Week? We have ideas to pull it all together now. Whether you’re putting the finishing touches on celebrating National Customer Service Week or have never heard of it before, you can pull off some meaningful events that include all the key players: front-line service reps and sales professionals, marketers, customers, support staff and leadership.

    October 2013
    Ideas or Themes for National Customer Service Week
    by Nicholas Robbins

    Whether a small business is engaged in direct interaction with customers through retail or services or deals with intermediaries and provides business-to-business transactions, customer service helps separate the best from the contenders. National Customer Service Week provides an opportunity for businesses of all stripes to come together in celebration of what is really important to them: their customers.

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    The History

    National Customer Service Week was established by the International Customer Service Association (ICSA) in 1984 and proclaimed a national event by the U.S. Congress in 1992. National Customer Service Week is celebrated annually during the first full week of October.

    In 1992, Former U.S. Senators Robert Dole and Nancy Kassebaum, along with U.S. Representatives Dan Glickman and Pat Roberts, championed this dynamic legislation on Capitol Hill resulting in the U.S. Congress proclaiming the first full week of October as National Customer Service Week. The proclamation was the culmination of two years of persistent work and effort by ICSA members who, through letters and phone calls, contacted their congressmen urging support of National Customer Service Week.

    According to John Kressaty, ICSA Past President, National Customer Service Week activities have far-reaching effects in October and throughout the year. "There are two main purposes of National Customer Service Week, says Kressaty.  "It lets you recognize the job that your customer service professionals do 52 weeks a year. The other purpose is to get the message across a wide range of business, government and industry that customer service is very important along with bottom line profit in running a business," explains Kressaty.

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